Alet Slabbert

1966 - 2010

After all the voices have had their say, after listening to countless opinions, after searching for truth and hope everywhere, after crawling through fog of countless battlefields of life is real issues and after trying out many superficial solutions to revive a dying heart, I finally found one foundation in Jesus Christ.

In Him Alone I found eternal destiny, true purpose, real freedom, unexplainable peace and joy. For this reason my passion is to point searching hearts to their only Saviour and Redeemer and to get them to know Him intimately.

I want to encourage you to keep heart, to keep faith and to never give up your trust in the living God.

About the author

Alet Slabbert was raised as the eldest of two sisters in Bloemfontein, South Africa. There she went to school and completed a BSc degree in dietetics at the University of the Free State. It was, however, her love for people, travelling, and a passion for nature that led her into the family business as a tour operator.

Alet experienced life in its entirety; she suffered loneliness and rejection but also knew the blessing of having a family and friends. She was authentic, non-judgemental, and loved unconditionally. She was friend to those in need. In a crowded room, she would always seek out the “o” among the “x’s”.

She did not have a particular interest in religion but recognized and accepted that life must not be viewed as merely temporary but as eternal. To her, life was all about a relationship with Jesus Christ. It took seven years of dedication, perseverance, faithfulness, and courage to bring the message of Jesus Christ is NOT a joke into to fruition. The book was first published in 2008.

In October 2010, Alet passed away very unexpectedly. Her death was caused by a brain tumour, which was diagnosed 2 days prior to her death. She lived her life as usual, by faith till the very end, unknowing of her real condition. According to medical reports, it was a miracle that she still had her eye sight and that she was not bedridden for months on end.

It was her dream and vision to spread the message of Jesus Christ is NOT a joke to every searching heart.